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Expect more from your CCTV surveillance system

There have been a lot of incidents where despite the premises being equipped with surveillance systems, the criminals get away from their crimes due to misconfigured or non-working systems. Usually, people just get the security systems installed and don’t bother to check again if it’s working properly or not unless it’s too late. Below are some of the most common mistakes that can be avoided with just a little bit of attention:

  • Are the camera’s working

    This is one of the most commonly made errors to assume that all the camera’s are functioning even without checking them on regular intervals. There can be multiple reasons as to why the cameras are non-functional ranging from power fluctuations, being too old, circuit loose, lose focus etc. Thus, it is highly recommended to ensure that all the camera’s are functioning at least once in a quarter.

  • Is the DVR/NVR recording

    This is another common mistake to assume that since all the cameras are functioning properly, therefore everything is being recorded, and by the time we realize, it’s already too late. At times, when somebody is checking the configuration or due to some power outage/fluctuation, there is a tendency of forgetting to press record button. Therefore, it is very important to always double check this function.

  • Are all the devices plugged

    During our site visits after a complaint has been reported, we have found quite a lot of places where the basic problem was that the security cameras were unplugged from the DVR. This usually happens in places such as bars, restaurants, and other places where either the ownership has been changing frequently or multiple contractors are working leading to hindering the surveillance system. If you see any handing wire from the DVR or any other place in the surveillance system, don’t ignore it. In case of NVR’s, it’s always safe to ensure that all the cameras are connected to the network and the hard drives are plugged in and recording.

  • Duration of recording and hard disk space required

    Another feared scenario when everything else is working is if the hard disk inserted has enough capacity to record the surveillance footage for more than a few days. The hard disk size comes into play mostly when recording is done on motion detection and have a large variation in the amount of motion in your home/business from day to day. This is also applicable in cases where the house owners have gone for a long vacation or don’t stay on the premises, thus it is important to choose the right size of hard disk without compromising on quality aspect.

  • Are your resolutions and frames per second optimized

    Resolution or FPS of a video plays an important role in the clarity of the recording being played and the space that it takes up on the recording device. It is always recommended to record the streaming on high resolution so that you get the clearest and smoothest video possible without compromising on the duration of the recording.
    The key purpose of CCTV fails if the recording is of so poor quality that the face of the thief is barely visible or if due to low space the recording has been recorded over. This is where investing in a high resolution, high FPS, high capacity DVR one time can save you all the unneeded trouble.

  • Are the CCTV camera’s covering the right areas

    This is mostly the problem when you move into a new office/house and the surveillance system is placed as per the needs of the previous owner and covering the parts deemed sensitive by him. While, when you move in, your needs can be completely different, therefore it is always advisable to get your surveillance system checked for any relocations or refocusing that might be needed as per your use.

  • Is the camera set up the right choice for your needs

    This is also quite important step while choosing your security system. The CCTV camera’s that are to be chosen to cover the critical area should not be too far. Also, the camera should be able to catch any movement in that area with sufficient clarity even in night time with the help of Infra red enabled cameras. Distance and positioning is quite an important aspect as well since a major factor of positioning involves detecting any movement in the dark and also the face of the culprit.
    At times, people just place camera’s to cover the exits and entrances, but these are not enough as there are blind spots left that cannot be covered by one camera, and hence require multiple cameras to cover the location.

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